What do we offer

What do we offer

Plasma & Corona Surface treating tests

At our laboratory in Denmark we offer free test of your product with both documentation for surface state both before and after treatment. Please contact us with requirement of test of your products.

Plasma & Corona Surface treating services

We offer surface treatment with Plasma & Corona in small scale production, please contact us for more information about the possibilities.

Sale of Tantec Plasma & Corona equipment

As official Tantec dealer we offer full program of Tantec equipment. Tantec systems are both available as standard systems and customized. Tantec systems makes sure of exceptional surface treatments and are most used for improving bonding of plastics, composites, and metals, as well as ceramics, glass, and other materials, to meet the highest adhesion standards.

What are the benefits?

Adhesion Partner as many years of experience with surface treatment. By the right experience and the wide range of Plasma & Corona machines from Tantec we are able to supply customers with the best solution for their project.